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    +27682935641 Time Travel Magic Spells To Go Back In Time, Fix Your Past Mistakes IN BROOKLYN , LEEDS, MARYLAND , ALASKA , MALTA , NORTH AMERICA , USA
    There is no doubt that the aspect of time travel has intrigued and captivated humans for centuries. They have concocted all kinds of designs and machines to transport the physical body through the portals of time and space… but with no avail. There are deaths attributed to the desire of time travel through electrical means and through the thousands of years it has evaded those who seek to go back in time by removing their physical body from their present time.

    It should be noted that time travel has little to do with the physical body and much more to do with the astral body. It may be achieved through a portal used by your astral body.

    There are several ways to go about time travel… you can do it in meditation which most people find the most difficult because it requires absolute relaxation and dedicated focus. Most of us find it in the realm between sleep and unconsciousness.will help you achieve that.

    Bound by a powerful spell to lift the astral body while guiding your subconscious in its sleep. You will experience what may seem to you as a dream but what you will be really experiencing is traveling through time.

    After traveling back in tome, some people find they recognise new smells and have flashbacks of what they did in another time after they wake up for the day. Others use this opportunity to correct their past mistakes! It is an amazing experience that is not dangerous because it does not require anything other than the spell and you falling to sleep.

    At first it may be difficult to control what time period you are sent to, but with time and experience you will find that you can send yourself to any period of time you wish.

    It is an incredible experience to be able to see, hear and feel what others did in the past. Using our spells, there are a few who have harnessed this gift to see old relatives and friends. Get in touch with Mama VICTORIA to get started on this truly remarkable journey!
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